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At the end of every project we ask our changemakers how they experienced the program. Here’s what Jeff said:
About his project Anti-Jigger Campaign: "Jiggers are parasites that penetrate through human skin, especially on toes, fingers and buttocks. This is painful and prevents children from going to school because they cannot walk far or sit for long periods of time. Poverty makes it difficult to fight the jiggers, for example there is no money for shoes and access to care is also a problem. That's why I collect old car tires to make shoes. I also help to remove jiggers and started GoFundMe "buy a pair of shoes with Anti-Jigger Campaign". It feels like my duty to make sure that all children get the chance to have a good life. I am therefore busy achieving my goal to see all children jigger-free by 2030".
About the Support given by KR: "KidsRights has been right behind my project where they have funded my project giving me chance to reach many more children who really need my services and help. They guided me through following up with the help of my nominator. It wouldn’t been possible to me being a student without KidsRights. Am getting ready to go many more miles of Changemaker."
What did you do?

At the Kamandura Primary School I removed jiggers from 25 children aged 7 to 16 years old. I got help from social health workers.
Together with my class teacher and a social worker in health care, I made shoes at the Nyoro Primary School for children in the age of 9 to 18 years old from the car tyres I collected.
With a volunteer parent, my science teacher and the chairwoman of Smart Child Kenya I gave 2 workshops at the Kamandura Nursery School for Deaf for 34 deaf children. One about making soap and the other about removing jiggers.

Did you achieve the goal of your project?
My goal was: Free children from jiggers
The final result was: 94 children were rescued from this parasite and each received shoes from old car tyres. They were my best workshops since I run the anti-jigger campaigns. I'm glad I got help from a parent who volunteered and my teachers.
A boy said; "Thank you Jeff for helping me have shoes. I only had shoes when I was 3 years old."
Another group said; "We appreciate Jeff for what he does, we forgot all the time, thank you for removing our jiggers".


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