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Changemaker Lilly

Over Changemaker Lilly

Lilly is an international environmental champion. Youth Ambassador for Plastic Pollution Coalition, HOW Global, The Ship of Tolerance London 2019 & YouthMundus.

At just the age of 11, Lilly has achieved more than the average adult and has already established herself as one of the world’s largest environmentalists. Lilly started ‘Lilly’s Plastic Pickup’ at the age of 7. While she was walking with her grandfather one day, she had seen plastic in the streets. After looking up the dangers of plastic, Lilly was sad to find out about the terrible impact that plastic has on animals, she decided it was time to take action herself. Lilly’s goal is to inform the world, including global politicians and policymakers, about the harmful effects of climate change and plastic pollution. She is one of the top 100 influencers who tackle plastic pollution in the world.

Lilly is also the longest schoolstriker in the Netherlands she started striking last September 2018 and is friends with Greta Thunberg. She has been awarded a ‘ Lijntje’ for outstanding achievement with Greta Thunberg and Anuna de Wever for the work for the environment. Lilly was also awarded an International Eco Hero Award and she was presented with Young Activist of the Year 2019 on the UN day of Childrens Rights for he constant and unwavering strike for the climate. Climate change is a human rights issue.


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