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Changemaker Malala

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My name is Malala, I was born and raised in Pakistan. I fight for the right to education, especially for girls. Education has always been an important issue in my family, because my father is a teacher. It is not a common thing for girls to go to school in Pakistan, but my father made sure I did. I wish that all other children in Pakistan are given the same opportunity. So that they can go to school too and receive the education they are entitled to!
The initiative In 2009 the Taliban, a group of terrorists in my home country, said that girls could not go to school anymore. My friends and I really didn't understand what was wrong with girls going to school. My school organized a Peace March, in which I actively participated. I was invited to come and talk about it in a BBC talk show. It was very exciting, everyone in Pakistan could hear me. In the same period I kept an anonymous diary for BBC, my stories reached an enormous public. The Taliban wasn’t happy with all that and attacked me when I sat on the bus, travelling back home from school. I was seriously injured and was sent to England to recover. My family went with me.
Together we make the world move KidsRights supports me, as a changemaker, in my fight for the right of children to education. I live in England now, where I study. Together with my father, I set up the Malala Fund to support the education of all children in the world.
My mission I want to tell as many children as possible around the world that they should go to school to learn. Knowledge is a weapon. It can make you do it all. Courage is not dependent on age. Everyone can do something against the violation of children's rights and everyone has the potential to be a changemaker. Change is possible!


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