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Over New Start for Children

New Start for Children Foundation (NSCF) in Mary Fancy was founded in 2015 by Veronica Benjamin, better known as Sally, to provide a home and care for children in need. This home, has support well over 100 children (including infants, toddlers and young adults) with a structured, nurturing and supportive setting. Children 0 to 18, from varying socio-economic, religious, ethnic and challenged backgrounds have benefitted from NSCF’s home.
We believe that each child should be given special attention as an individual benefiting from a true home setting. Each child will feel loved, supported, nourished and encouraged to develop their potential.
Each child also benefits from one on attention with their educational needs.
NSCF is not a house or institution, it is a home with caregivers that truly become family. Our hope for children at NSCF is that they grow into productive members of a global society, achieve their highest potential and contribute to a better world.


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