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Over Voice of the Youth St. Maarten

Voice of the Youth St. Maarten is a Youth-Led organization catered for the youths here on our island

The organization started back in 2013, with the goal to address the lack of educational and social activities here on the island for our youth. This is something that we have actively done with the implementation of the program known as the "St. Maarten Youth Brigade".

We've established effective communication amongst our members as well, to allow them to develop leadership skills and create a positive self image for themselves. With the help of our partners such as VKS, Police Force, Dutch Marines, Fire Department, Coast Guard, and others. We aim to build self-confidence and resilient youngsters who will become responsible citizens of St. Maarten.

We also help to assist to develop them socially, economically, culturally, and physically.

This has been done through our diverse educational programs like our Mentorship program, our cognitive & physical youth empowered paramilitary training, training camps, educational talks & activities from renowned locals professionals, language lessons, recreational activities, and so much more.

All lessons learned and taught are to foster great leaders & innovators that can propel us forward as a community.

We hope you can join us along this wonderful journey!

Onlangs toegevoegde activiteiten

Brigade Community Challenge
Event · 9 nov, 08:00 - 15:00
Brigade Community Challenge
Join us for the Brigade Community Challenge! Experience military-style training, win prizes, and be part of an unforgettable day of fun. Volunteers needed! Geplaatst door Voice of the Youth St. Maarten


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